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Compliance Competitor is a facilitated online game for team members at any level of your organization that can be executed in a one-hour group training session. It can be played live or via video chat software. 

The game is completely customizable and designed to suit your specific needs. High-risk groups such as Finance, Marketing & Sales, Leadership, & Board Members can benefit most from taking part.

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How it Works


Compliance Competitor uses business simulation software to immerse users in real-life scenarios.

It is entirely customizable, the scenarios are designed to fit everything from your industry to specific business needs.

Groups are broken into teams to facilitate discussion and problem-solving.


Solutions to the scenarios appear in multiple-choice format.

Each team discusses and selects which course of action they would relay to the company.

Their chosen solution will affect the stock price, revenue, and fines for a fictitious company and determine the team’s rank on the leaderboard.


Between rounds, the facilitator talks through the scenarios with the groups.

These conversations double as training as the facilitator will bring up points that might not have been initially addressed. 

At the end of four rounds, the winning team takes all!

Why Compliance Competitor?

Training Platform

No personal or commercial data from your organization is saved or stored.

Real Scenarios for Your Industry

A customized game means complex scenarios are tailored to your industry.

Easy to Administer To Groups

The game comes with a facilitator to guide discussion and keep the attendees engaged.

Competition Maximizes Engagement

Gamification of the training encourages team discussion on weighing consequences and justifying answers.

Developed with professionals for Adult Learning

Developed with an educational psychologist to meet adult learning best practices.

Practice for Real-Life Ethical Dilemmas

Every scenario includes moral dilemmas such as conflicts of interest to enhance compliance learning with ethics training.

Applying Adult Learning Best Practices to Compliance Training

Compliance training has a bad reputation, one which it mostly earned. Because of irrelevant scenarios and training that focuses on the legal requirements instead of what the employee needs to know, employees have become turned off and tuned out. There is a better way to give training and it starts with understanding adult learning. 

We’ve written a whitepaper detailing the current thinking on adult learning best practices, assumptions for adult learning, types of learning styles, and how to apply those theories to compliance training. We also look at the trends in compliance training and ways to measure the effectiveness of the learning program. 

“Compliance Competitor has been designed extremely well to build on all of these principles and is an impressive example of the application of cutting-edge knowledge about adult learning applied to the field of corporate compliance.”

Dr. Benjamin Hayes | Professor and educational psychologist, 20+ years experience, University College London

The Mechanics

Let’s face it, most compliance training fails miserably!

From eLearning courses that have nothing to do with your business and can’t easily be customized, to in-person/Zoom sessions delivered by PowerPoint to people checking their phones, compliance training has a bad reputation that it’s earned.

But we’ve changed all that…

Compliance Competitor is a fully customizable training game played in groups for maximum engagement and effectiveness.

It’s based on business simulation software to simulate real-life scenarios. Competitors will see stock prices and revenues go up and down depending on the choices the teams make, and fines and punishments can torpedo the business’ growth. 


"Unconventional, yet highly engaging and relevant approach to training."
"Needless to say, it was not boring!"
The Home Depot

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