A Guide to Creating Your Annual Compliance Education Plan

(Complete with templates!)

It is always baffling how fast each year passes. There is nothing quite as painful as the shock in December when you look at your to-do list and realize that there are items you meant to tackle in Q2. This can be particularly detrimental when it comes to educating your employees about compliance.

Let’s face it, many employees loathe compliance training during the best of times. Asking them to squeeze in a 30-minute click-through training on the Code of Conduct while they are dealing with their own over-flowing task lists isn’t going to win you any fans. That’s why taking the time at the beginning of the year is so important. Plus, looking at your needs holistically allows you to plan for maximum impact and reduce training fatigue.

Additionally, creating a plan allows you to think strategically about how to best educate your team. That’s why we’ve created a template for creating a compliance education plan. You may have noted that this isn’t a training plan. That’s intentional.

We firmly believe that a training session is not always the best way to communicate information. As compliance educators and communicators, we should think broadly and creatively about how to reach our workforce. Your education plan is likely to include some computer-based learning, but it might also benefit from videos, micro-learnings, infographics, live sessions, compliance games, or more.

We break down the plan info four actionable steps:

  1. Brainstorm topics
  2. Consider the audience(s)
  3. Decide how to deliver the information
  4. Make a calendar


Each step has its own template you can fill out so by the end of the fourth step, you will have created your own comprehensive plan for how to best reach your employees this year. 

Download Your Guide to Creating Your Annual Compliance Education Plan