Glencore on Compliance Competitor:
Unconventional, Yet Highly Engaging and Relevant

Glencore, one of the world’s largest commodity trading and mining companies, is no stranger to compliance training. Operating in a high-risk industry, Glencore has been conducting regular and rigorous training for years.

These efforts, however, led to a common challenge – Glencore’s compliance staff had to work even harder to provide training that employees might not hate. As anyone who works in the compliance space knows, creating engaging training is difficult. Creating engaging training for employees who’ve received annual targeted training for several years can feel next to impossible.

"Unconventional, Highly Engaging, Relevant"

Glencore engaged the Compliance Competitor team to design and facilitate their annual training sessions for hundreds of compliance traders located around the globe.

Our team worked with Glencore’s internal compliance team to identify the company’s unique risks, business practices, and training goals.

The result was a highly customized game that asked Glencore’s traders to solve complicated, realistic ethics and compliance dilemmas set at a multi-national commodity trading company resembling Glencore.

"Brag-Worthy Training"

To add additional gravitas to its training sessions, Glencore’s compliance team decided to have each session facilitated by two of our Compliance Competitor Gurus, Kristy Grant-Hart and Nicole Di Schino, with the assistance of Glencore’s internal team. The sessions were such a resounding success that they were highlighted in Glencore’s annual Ethics and Compliance Report, saying:

“During the Compliance Competitor games, employees could see in real-time how their decisions in actual ethics and compliance dilemmas could affect the company’s revenues, fines, shares, reputation and decision makers personally . . . This unconventional, yet highly engaging and relevant approach to training, covered challenges that our high-risk employees may face on topics including ethical dilemmas, bribery and corruption, sanctions, money laundering, facilitation of tax evasion and conflicts of interest.”

“Best Compliance Training Ever”

It wasn’t just the compliance team that walked away happy after the Glencore Competitor games. The energy in the rooms during the training sessions was palpable. Participants were off their phones, critically thinking about the material, and energetically engaged with each other and the facilitators.

Multiple participants from Glencore’s commodity trading teams called Compliance Competitor the “best compliance training” they had ever had.

Even more surprising was when several seasoned employees approached the facilitators to thank them for conducting a “fun” training. Educational and engaging we strive for, but fun?

That’s the stuff of compliance dreams.

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