Home Depot’s Expertly Tailored Compliance Competitor Event

Each year, Home Depot hosts a compliance summit where over 100 compliance professionals from across the company’s retail and manufacturing businesses come together to learn, grow, and celebrate compliance. The Compliance Competitor team was thrilled to be a part of the line-up. We worked with the Home Depot compliance leadership to create a bespoke game to wow their team members.

Expertly-Tailored Training

Creating customized scenarios for Home Depot was particularly exciting because of the breadth of the company’s business. Not only is Home Depot the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, it also manufacturers tools and other products, manages more than 90 distribution centers, and rents vehicles.

Our goal was to create a training game that was relevant to professionals operating in all the varied areas of the company. This meant pushing beyond typical compliance topics and addressing issues like quality assurance and labor issues.

Training That Makes You Think

In the end, Home Depot received a game that was expertly tailored to their team. During two simultaneous, live games, Compliance Gurus Nicole Di Schino and Kristy Grant-Hart engaged participants in conversations about how to handle everything from a discovery that associates are gifting cigarettes and whiskey to port authorities to what an employee should do when they hear their boss discussing problems with a QA process for a power tool.

Because the individuals playing the Home Depot game were compliance professionals, it was even more imperative that the training be complicated and require critical thinking. We weren’t going to fool this crowd! Our unique training style involving in-depth hypothetical scenarios and no “right” answers resulted in lively discussions and deep engagement with the materials.

We were honored to be a small part of Home Depot’s great celebration.

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